Genealogy research from the Reed, Whitworth, Cullen, and Eley lines which ended up in me being here!
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# sourceID Long_title note Tree
1 S199    AGNES COX INFOR LISTS DEATH AS 25 OCT 1887  tree1 
2 S200    If this is Letha's brother, George, the 1880 Linc. Co. census listshis age as dob wd be 1820.  tree1 
3 S201    source Gen. of Herbert Russell  tree1 
4 S202    source: gr-dau, Judith; died of double pneumonia after racingaccident.  tree1 
5 S203    He was a member of the Louis E. Davis American Legion Post.  tree1 
6 S204    Major surgeon in Civil War with 5 commissions  tree1 
7 S205    recorded Lincoln Co Will Book W, p. 40, final settlement 10/12/1868  tree1 
8 S206    birth and date source: T & C Evans  tree1 
9 S207    Land to descend to his son, Edmund, at Simeon's death. Val's wife, Mary Elizabeth to be supported by Simeon, while she lives in her owndwelling house.  tree1 
10 S208    Family moved to Butler in Jan. 1888 (source: Susan Smith's obitnotice)  tree1 
11 S209    Reference in wife, Susan's obit, with death date.  tree1 
12 S210    Info provided by family data of S. Russell Kassen, gr-granddaughter, and "Background of a Bandit," by Joan Beamis and Wm. Pullen.  tree1 
13 S211    Minerva's info. provided by her gr-granddaughter, M. Overstreet.  tree1 
14 S212    source: Tom Evans  tree1 
15 S213    They had just moved to this community north of Seattle. He diedcolon, stomach and liver cancer. He'd been a Church of God ministerand missionary.  tree1 
16 S214    died after birth of twins.  tree1 
17 S215    source: Tom C  tree1 
18 S216    Hwy 76, 1 mi s & w of Salem Corners.  tree1 
19 S217    Source: dau, Nancy Sutherland  tree1 
20 S218    Buried same day, in Overwharton Parish, Stafford, VA.  tree1 
21 S219    info source from SSA Death Index.  tree1 
22 S220    source, death index.  tree1 
24 S222    Source Virginia Tyler Carpenter's Carpenter manuscript..."One familypaper says that the Spears were Protestant refugees, driven byCatholic persecutions from Arensburg, Westphalis, Germmany, toAix-La-C happele." Adam Carpenter Bible says George migrated fromGermany.  tree1 
25 S223    In spite of large land holdings and his ties with his children who hadmigrated to KY, he did not migrate to KY.  tree1 
26 S224    birth & death data from gravesite information.  tree1 
27 S225    She died a few weeks after youngest child, Rachel, was born.  tree1 
28 S226    Source: Evergreen Cemetary (TX) records for 1865-1971; also listedwife last name as Nowell.
In "Biographical Souvenir of the State of TX," transcribed for FanninCo Gen Web Page, it states that Will T. Booth's father, Samuel, was aVA native. 
29 S227    He worked on the news staffs of the NY Evening Post, Washington Post, White House Correspondent for Time and Life Magazines, among others.In 1966, he was elected president ofn the National Press Club , swornin Jan. 29, 1966, by Chief Justice Earl Warren, and an inaugural ballwas held in his honor, afterwards. He led the successful fight todesegregate the club (black reporters as well as black gu ests had beenbarred) and laid the foundation for the admission of women members,which was achieved in 1968.  tree1 
30 S228    She was a twin to Mary/Mollie.  tree1 
31 S229    Ray Stephens Rootsweb lists date as b. 1820.  tree1 
32 S230    R. Stephens Rootsweb lists dod as 24 Nov 1894, Winsor, Henry Co., MO.  tree1 
33 S231    Info on all children, except John Wesley, provided by Margaret O., gr-granddau of Minerva.
Also told that he had two brothers, Britain and George. Margaret alsostates that Obediah's first name was Thomas. 
34 S232    Peyton Home & Graveyard; 40 graves all destroyed; on Herman Peyton'sproperty.  tree1 
35 S233    1860 Census record Casey Co, KY: #DW/399, Fam/400; lists RobinsonPeyton, age 47, occupation farmer, Pers Prop value $7000, Real Estate$2500, pl of birth Casey Co, KY;
Resided with: Amanda, 38, f, w; Delila, 16, f; Franklin, 15, m;Taylor, 12, m; Robinson, 11, m; Mary, 8, f; Stephen, 6, m; Vinston, 2,m; Andrew, 2, m; and Polly, 74, f. Taylor, Robinson, Mary and Step henwere school attendees. The names Delila are assumed to be Adeliaand Vinston, assumed to be Vincent.
Also noted in 1850 census records, Casey Co.. 
36 S234    Discrepancy between my data and manuscript by Mrs. Arnsberger; she haslisted eight children:
1 Frank 2.Delia 3.Belle 4.Mary 5.Vincent 6. Valentine 7.Clay 8.Taylor.
I have:
in addition to different names for Amanda Belle, Robert Valentine, Henry Clay, I also have listed
9.Lucinda 10.Robinson 11.Stephen;
Birth orders not known or listed. 
37 S235    b. Gravel Switch, Marion Co., KY  tree1 
38 S236    born two months after his father, George Zimmerman/Carpenter died fromRevolutionary War wounds from the harsh winter conditions at ValleyForge.  tree1 
39 S237    per: Neil Ferguson; early notes indicated he was buried here, but he'sbeen unable to locate such a graveyard  tree1 
40 S238    Book Q, pg 36: wife Catharine Carpenter holds 1/3 part from sale ofland to JAMES RUSSELL and George Carpenter Jr. and to 8 of hischildren, including Letha Russell. (One of the securities ws fromJame s F. Russell.) Many other deeds and transactions noted in LincolnCo..)  tree1 
41 S239    He was lost over the English Channel in WWI, while serving in the RAF.US was not yet in the war..  tree1 
42 S240    He was a Lt. when he died and had served in the 3rd VA Regiment fromits' founding; 2,666 2/3 acres were awarded to Valentine Peyton, heirat law, 11 Sep 1784. On 3 Jun 1834, Randolph, Simeon, Buford P eytonand Lucy Peyton Hill, children of deceased Vincent Peyton of CaseyCo., asked for additional land due to them as heirs of ValentinePeyron, dec'd., who was heir at law of George and Robert Peyton, officers of the Revolution.  tree1 
43 S241    1880 census, Dist 70, Hustonville, Lincoln Co., KY, wi family.  tree1 
44 S242    According to "Biographical Souvenirs of Texas,"."William T. Booth, M.D., a son of John S. and Martha (Nowlin) Booth, and was bornin Bedford County, Tennessee, January 3, 1850....His father bein g anative of VA and his mother a native of TN. He is the seventh of tenchildren, and was reared mainly in Texas having come to this state atthe age of seven. He was educated in the schools of Paris , Lamarcounty, finishing the literary course at the Un of KY, at Lexington.He read medicine with Dr. T.D. Wooten, then of Paris, attendedlectures at the Medical University of Lexington.., graduating i nMarch, 1875, and inApril following, located to thepractice of medicinein Honey Grove, Fannin County,..where he has since resided, and hasbeen engaged exclusively in the practice of his profession. H e is..oneof the most successful and highly respected men of the area. ...Hemarried in October 1876, Cornelia, the daughter of Leonard Harrall, adescendant of an old Texas family, which numbers amon g its memberssome of the best citizens of Lamar and adjoining counties." Note atbottom of page says mother's maiden name is Nowell.

His brothers, Dr. Tom and Dr. Will practiced medicine in Sherman andDenison, TX;
Dr. J.B. (T0be) died in Waco, TX;.Gabriel and Bud lived in TarrantCounty, west of Ft. Worth.

Book has been transcribed and copied on Fannin Co., TX Rootsweb site. 
45 S243    Moreland, KY.  tree1 
46 S244    Bondsman for contract, John Tinsley and father, Valentine Peyton  tree1 
47 S245    Gravestone data from Hustonville Cemetery, Lincoln Co., KY.  tree1 
48 S246    name spelled as Lamb.  tree1 
49 S247    attained rank as Lt., source US Fedl Military records, Rootsweb.  tree1 
50 S248    obit notice.  tree1 

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