Genealogy research from the Reed, Whitworth, Cullen, and Eley lines which ended up in me being here!
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Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Askew, Christopher  Abt 1854Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3170
2 Askew, Elizabeth  Abt 1856Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3169
3 Beck, Herbert  Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3321
4 Beck, Oliver  Abt 1887Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3311
5 Cragg, Charles William  1898Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P1982
6 Cragg, Elizabeth Mary  Abt 1870Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P975
7 Cragg, Frederick W  Abt 1856Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P1993
8 Cragg, Mary Ann  1868Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P969
9 Dickinson, Rose  Abt 1893Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P2453
10 Digby, Freda P  Abt 1873Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P1959
11 Parker, John R  1873Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England I299
12 Parker, Louise  1875Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England I300


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hannah  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3259
2 Sarah  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3089
3 Adnitt, Charlotte  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3262
4 Adnitt, Emily  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3263
5 Adnitt, Fanny  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3264
6 Adnitt, John James  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3261
7 Adnitt, Maud Annie  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P1908
8 Adnitt, William  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3260
9 Askew, Christopher  1861Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3170
10 Askew, Christopher  1871Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3170
11 Askew, Elizabeth  1861Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3169
12 Askew, Elizabeth  1871Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3169
13 Askew, Elizabeth  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3169
14 Askew, John  1851Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P2041
15 Askew, John  1861Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P2041
16 Askew, John  1861Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3166
17 Askew, John  1871Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3166
18 Askew, John  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P3166
19 Charity, James Frederick  1891Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P2667
20 Charity, Robert  1891Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P2668
21 Cragg, Charles Tassell  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P970
22 Cragg, Charles Tassell  1891Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P970
23 Cragg, Elizabeth Mary  1871Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P975
24 Cragg, Emma Elizabeth  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P973
25 Cragg, Emma Elizabeth  1891Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P973
26 Cragg, Frederick W  1861Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P1993
27 Cragg, Frederick W  1871Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P1993
28 Cragg, John William  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P974
29 Cragg, Joseph  1861Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P1996
30 Cragg, Mary Ann  1871Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P969
31 Cragg, Mary Ann  1871Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P969
32 Cragg, Mary Ann  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P969
33 Cragg, Mary Ann  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P969
34 Cragg, Mary Ann  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P969
35 Cragg, Mary Elizabeth  1861Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P1995
36 Cragg, Richard  1861Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P1994
37 Cragg, Richard  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P1994
38 Cragg, Thomas J  1861Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P1997
39 Cragg, William  1861Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P976
40 Cragg, William  19 May 1867Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P976
41 Cragg, William  1871Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P976
42 Cragg, William  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P976
43 Dawson, Lydia Bullimore  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P2449
44 Dawson, Lydia Bullimore  1891Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P2449
45 Dickinson, Albert E  1891Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P2457
46 Digby, Charles Henry  1871Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P1961
47 Digby, Charles Henry  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P1961
48 Digby, Charles Henry  1891Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P1961
49 Digby, Fanny Marian  1881Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P1960
50 Digby, Fanny Marian  1891Spittlegate, Lincolnshire, England P1960

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