Due to recent changes by WHQ in the way data is presented. It is no longer possible to accurately determine club addresses. Therefore this site is no longer updated and the project can be considered dead.

Furthermore, if you read the Toastmasters Copyright information, use is limited to Toastmasters Club Members. This site owner is no longer a member of Toastmasters International and has requested written permission from Dan Rex on several occasions so that data may be redisplayed in various reports, images, and maps. This permission has not been forthcoming. Without permission from World Headquarters, this site owner feels that he is open to a lawsuit for failing to fully comply with the Toastmasters Copyright use.

Furthermore, World Headquarters constantly change how information is presented via webpage, JSON results, CSV file, or XLSX spreadsheet. Regression testing is not performed and it is a constant battle to re-write script that gather the data to populate this website. Various independent coders have requested many times over a number of years for tools to enable us to easily extract the data and allow us to present it in different ways. Many of the TI members appreciate different approaches to viewing data related to their club, area, division, or district. Without a steady, consistent way to extract data, it's ever an uphill battle to provide data for these individual sites and I wish the best of luck to those who continue to do so.

Once written permission from Dan Rex or other representative from Toastmasters International has been received, and a standard interface implemented that allows easy data extraction, then it is possible this website will return.

I appreciate this will be a disappointment to the many clubs and districts that link to this website. Nigel Reed