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DISCLAIMER! Club positions are provided by Toastmasters International and their clubs. Districts are responsible for ensuring their clubs are correctly geocoded. Keep in mind some clubs meet in different locations weekly or monthly and may not be represented on these maps or may not provide an accurate location. Use it with that in mind. Always contact a club to confirm eligibility, location and time,

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District FSouthern California
District UUndistricted Clubs
District 01Western Los Angeles County
District 02Northwest Washington
District 03Arizona
District 04Central Coastal California
District 05Southern California
District 06Southern, Central and Northeastern Minnesota, West-Central Ontario, Canada
District 07Western Oregon, Southern Washington
District 08Eastern Missouri, Southern Illinois
District 09Eastern Washington, Northeastern Oregon, Northern Idaho
District 10Northeastern Ohio
District 11Indiana, Northern Kentucky
District 12Southern California
District 13Western Pennsylvania, Western Maryland, Northwestern West Virginia
District 14Southeastern Georgia
District 15Central Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Utah, Western Wyoming, Eastern Nevada
District 16Oklahoma
District 17Western Australia
District 18Maryland, Delaware, Eastern & Northwestern Virginia, Northeastern West Virginia
District 19Iowa, Dakota County, Nebraska
District 20Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman
District 21Southern Bristish Columbia, Canada
District 22Kansas, Western Missouri
District 23New Mexico, El Paso County, Texas, Oklahoma Panhandle
District 24Eastern Nebraska
District 25North Central Texas
District 26Colorado, Eastern Wyoming, Western Nebraska
District 27Northern Virginia inside the Beltway, Southeast and Southwest Washington DC, and Southwestern Maryland
District 28Southeastern Michigan, Northwestern Ohio, Southwestern Ontario, Canada
District 29Northern Virginia
District 30Chicagoland, Illinois Area
District 31Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island
District 32Western Washington and Alaska
District 33Central California, Southern Nevada
District 34Southern Mexico
District 35Wisconsin, Northwestern Michigan
District 36District of Columbia, West Central Maryland
District 37North Carolina
District 38Eastern Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey
District 39Northern California, North Central Nevada
District 40Southern Ohio, Eastern Kentucky, Western West Virginia
District 41North and West India, Nepal, Bhutan, Balgladesh
District 42Alberta, Saskatchewan, Canada
District 43Arkansas, Central Mississippi, Western Tennessee
District 44Northwestern Georgia
District 45Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Canada
District 46New York, Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk
District 47Southern Florida, Bahamas
District 48West Coast Florida
District 49Hawaii
District 50Northeastern Texas, Shreveport, Louisiana
District 51Peninsula (West) Malaysia
District 52Southern California
District 53Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, Eastern New York
District 54Northern Illinois
District 55South central Texas
District 56Southeastern Texas
District 57North Coastal California
District 58South Carolina
District 59Belgium, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco
District 60Southern Ontario, Canada
District 61Northern New York, Quebec, Southeastern Ontario, Canada
District 62Michigan
District 63Eastern Tennessee, Southern Kentucky
District 64Manitoba, western Ontario, Canada
District 65Western and Central New York
District 66Central Virginia
District 67Taiwan
District 68Louisiana, Western Mississippi, Parts of Southeast Texas
District 69Queensland and Northern Territory, Australia; Papua New Guinea
District 70Sydney, southern New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory, Australia
District 71Northern Britain and Ireland
District 72New Zealand South Island
District 73South Australia, Victoria, and Tasmania, Australia
District 74Southern Africa
District 75Philippines
District 76Japan
District 77Alabama, Southern Mississippi, Northwestern Florida
District 78Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Northwestern Minnesota
District 79Saudi Arabia
District 80Singapore
District 81Caribbean, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname
District 82Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu, India
District 83New Jersey, Rockland County and Staten Island
District 84North and Central Florida
District 85North China
District 86Southwestern, Central and Northern Ontario, Canada
District 87East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak), Brunei, Indonesia
District 89South China, Hong Kong and Macau
District 90New South Wales, Australia
District 91Southwestern United Kingdom
District 92Karnataka and Kerala, India
District 93South Korea
District 94West Africa
District 95Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Sweden
District 96Northern British Columbia and Yukon Territory
District 97Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar
District 98East and Central India
District 99Central and Northern - Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada
District 100San Gabriel Valley, North Orange County and Gateway Cities
District 101Mountain View to King City, including Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito counties and most of Santa Clara county
District 102Malaysia
District 103Downtown Chicago to the Southside of Chicago
District 104Southwest to Northwest Saudi Arabia
District 105Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, and United Arab Emirates
District 106Parts of Minnesota and Ontario, Canada
District 107Iberia
District 108Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland
District 109Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, FYROM, Greece, Italy, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican City
District 110Croatia, Czechia, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine
District 112New Zealand North Island
District 113Northern Mexico
District 116Qatar


Scripts and coding by Nigel Reed, DTM nigel -[at]- nigelreed -[dot]- net.
Original idea by George Marshall, District 57 webmaster
A big, big thank you to Mike Raffety and George Marshall for their constant suggestions, encouragement, and for just letting me ramble in endless emails while I get my thoughts together.
Mike Raffery's Toastmasters reports can be found at
George Marshall's Tools for Toastmasters can be found at
Original Spreadsheet idea by David Himmelstein, DTM, District 50 Distinguished Club Planning Chair
Data collected from Toastmasters International and may only be used for official Toastmasters business
Maps first implimented using code from GMAPEZ
Original US Geocoding compliments of Rich Gibson
Original CA Geocoding compliments of Ervin Ruci
All Geocoding now performed using The Google Geocoding API
All Geocoding now performed using The Google Geocoding API
Special thanks to Arthur Ogawa for submitting many, many coordinates for clubs
Maps provided by
District overlays created with Google Earth
Rewrite rules tested and debugged thanks to Martin Melin's website at
Thank you to Bill Krouse from Distict 38 for helping me debug the realignment sandbox
Bob Mocadlo let me know that District 14 are using my maps to help them determine where new clubs need to be chartered
Thanks to the members of for their advice, suggestions and encouragement. I would have got bored and run out of ideas without their input.
Clubs by Age report shamelessly stolen from the idea of Emma Santa.
Thank you to the club and district leaders who have updated their clubs and, in some cases, provided full accurate geocoding for their district.
Thanks to Gil of Guitar Studio in Plano, Texas. Guitar lessons from the Guitar Studio is pretty much my only rest and relaxation I get these days! (Had to give him a plug)
This website is dedicated to club 4015 - Plano Talkers, of Plano, TX. Without their wonderful welcoming atmosphere, continual encouragement, and desire for every member to excel and go beyond what they thought possible, I would not have made 100's of friends all over the world. I would not have gained more self confidence, and this website would never have been born. Thank you to Stephen J, Steve B, Steve (too many S.B.'s in this club!), Mike, Sheryl, Carlos, Michelle, Nelson, Gene, Jerry, Jeremy, Pam, Jordan, Gary, Roger...who did I miss? If I missed your name and you should be listed then please let me know

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